Friday, June 11, 2010

Slug Bugs

Hello all my new found friends. Today I went for a ride in the back seat of a Jeep. Cool breeze in my hair. I saw my 1st squirrel, sure didn't look like my brothers or sisters! It ran up the tree, I ran around the tree and practiced my beagle howl..which cracked Mommy up. My biggest adventure today was the SLUG...ugh warning dont ever eat a slug even if they say its escargot and offer you some butter. No slug backs! I also practiced my diving techniques off the deck into a hosta plant..that was way cool! Skeeter signing off xoxo Hi Paw 5 from your favorite $5.00 dollar dog.


  1. Woo must must must keep those skhwirrels in line!


  2. Those slugs are pretty tasty, but we hear they can give you a biiiiiig stomach ache! You better stick with your puppy chow!

    Penny & Patches